Research and development project funded by the CDTI carried out in the period between February 2018 and February 2019. Serpiscolor has developed a new process of digital printing on fabrics flocked with polyamide, getting a high quality of colour and a good penetration of the inks in the flocked fabric. All this has been achieved by previously selecting the print heads and the optimal inks for this type of printing, developing the preparation and finishes of the most suitable fabrics for the desired purpose.

The results achieved in digital stamping of all experienced flocked supports opens a new scenario for this type of upholstery, since it will allow better adapting to customer needs without having to maintain a security stock that guarantees service. At the same time, it will facilitate the personalization of the collections, since it is much easier to develop special drawings for a specific client and there is no obligation to keep a stock that over time could become obsolete.

Definitely, this type of production will mean a very important qualitative leap in the logistical approach of the production of patterned flocked upholstery that will introduce this article in the digital age.

For Serpiscolor, it represents a new step in the transformation of the company in the direction undertaken in 2014 when we innovated in the digitization of digital printing with pigment inks and now developing digital printing on flocked fabric.